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The piloting of the good-practice models started in Germany with the school intervention: comprehensive diversity training. In Berlin four schools have already taken part in the implementation: - Löcknitz Grundschule – a primary school - Judith-Kerr Grundschule – a bilingual primary school (Europe German-French school) - Joan-Miró Grundchule - a bilingual primary school (Europe German-Spanish school) - Friedrich-Ebert Gymnasium – a secondary school Four child-centred participatory workshops were conducted with participation of 78 children and young people at age between 8 and 17 years in June and July 2017. They came from welcome classes for refugees and newly-arrived migrant learners or from multi-ethnic school classes. The interactive need-assessment workshops aimed to ensure safe space for the learners to engage with their own ideas, feelings and needs related to own self-image, commonalities and differences, diversity and discrimination and to talk about these. The participants expressed their views and needs through various creative techniques and produced plenty of remarkable images. After the workshops focus group discussions were conducted, which allowed the young participants to share their perspective on issues such as diversity, gender, bullying and violence. It was both exciting and insightful listening to them!

Here are some vivid impressions:


 The experiences of the participatory child-centred approach of yMIND in conducting focus groups with students on the themes of diversity and discrimination were acknowledged by a pilot study project of the German network PartNet. It develops internet tutorials on methods of participatory research. The first two videos have been just launched in German language that allow insights from the perspective of practitioners in the role that focus groups play in participatory research and development processes: See the Teaser here, for the Film click here (using for both password PartNet)

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