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The project is being implemented in the framework of the European policies stemming from the Paris Declaration signed by the EU Education Ministers on 17 March 2015. The Paris Declaration agreed the following actions :

1) Strengthening the key contribution which education makes to personal development, social inclusion and participation, by imparting the fundamental values and principles which constitute the foundation of our societies ;

2) Ensuring inclusive education for all children and young people which combats racism and discrimination on any ground, promotes citizenship and teaches them to understand and to accept differences of opinion, of conviction, of belief and of lifestyle, while respecting the rule of law, diversity and gender equality ;

3) Strengthening children’s and young people’s ability to think critically and exercise judgement so that, particularly in the context of the Internet and social media, they are able to grasp realities, to distinguish fact from opinion, to recognise propaganda and to resist all forms of indoctrination and hate speech ;

4) Combating geographical, social and educational inequalities, as well as other factors which can lead to despair and create a fertile ground for extremism, by providing all children and young people with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to build their own professional futures and pathways to success in society, and by encouraging measures to reduce early school leaving and to improve the social and professional integration of all young people ;

5) Encouraging dialogue and cooperation among all the education stakeholders, in particular parents, families and associative structures, and building on children’s and young people’s sense of initiative and engagement in order to strengthen social ties as well as generate a sense of belonging ;

6) Empowering teachers so that they are able to take an active stand against all forms of discrimination and racism, to educate children and young people in media literacy, to meet the needs of pupils from diverse backgrounds, to impart common fundamental values and to prevent and combat racism and intolerance.

Policy Documents 1. 2015 Joint Report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). New priorities for European cooperation in education and training

ET 2020 cooperation complements national action and supports Member States through peer exchanges, mutual learning, evidence and data collection, in pursuing reforms to further improve their results. ET2020 Joint Report Nov 2015.

2. How to Prevent and Tackle Bullying and School Violence. Evidence and Practices for Strategies for Inclusive and Safe Schools

The aim of the report, prepared by NESET II for the European Commission is to inform policy-makers and practitioners at EU, national, regional and local level on the most effective strategies and practices for preventing bullying and violence in schools across the EU. It examines evidence from European and international research, reviews national practices and the work civil society organisations with regard to school bullying and violence. NESET-II_Bullying-Report

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