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Focus – Austria

yMIND is an important and innovative project that empowers children and adolescents against all forms of violence and discrimination. As the Austrian project partner we address equality between women and men, equal opportunities, gender-based violence, violence against women and children, domestic violence and diversity. In school workshops we can sensitise and inform adolescents about their human, women’s and children’s rights. As long as there is no equality between men and women, there will be little change in the extent of violence against women and children. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to reach many children and adolescents. In the context of yMIND we are able to make an important contribution to the prevention of violence. Not only children should be strengthened and informed, also adults, especially teachers, pedagogues, school social workers, school psychologists, community and migrant workers and as well parents. In 2017, we were able to reach and inform a total of 70 boys and girls, teachers and social workers from three different schools and from a migrant organisation in Vienna. The overall goal of yMIND is to implement this holistic approach in schools. (Local Project Coordinator, Austrian Women’s Shelters Network, AÖF, Austria).