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Two good practice models adapted by yMIND – Models’ description and methodology in four languages

English Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Synopsis_English.pdf
Good Practice II_POL_Synopsis_English.pdf
Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Method_Handpout_English.pdf
Good Practice II_POL_Method_Handout_Men_English.pdf
Good Practice II_POL_Methods_Handout_women_English.pdf
German Good Practice I_ Diversity training at school_Synopsis_German.pdf
Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Method_Handpout_German.pdf
Good Practice II_POL_Synopsis_Method_Handout_German.pdf 
Bulgarian Good Practice II_POL_Synopsis_Bulgarian.pdf
Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Synopsis_Bulgarian.pdf
Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Method Handout_Bulgarian.pdf 
Greek Good Practice I_Diversity training at school_Method_Handpout_Greek.pdf.docx

Evidence Based Principles for effective teaching and learning

Assessing yMIND good-practice model 1 activities and guiding the piloting process

Framework for effective transfer of practice for website.pdf

Summary of External Evaluation


Booklet “Drop the Label” with creative works and children and young people voices (Good Practice I)

Bulgarian Drop the label
English Drop the label
German Austria Drop the label
German Germany Drop the label
Greek Drop the label

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