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Voice of the Children

Young learners from different ethnic and cultural groups, drawing on different social and personal preconditions will be able to explore and share their views on diversity, gender equality, discrimination, tolerance and learning from differences. Their needs related to equal chances in education and social inclusion will be voiced through creative works, published in a special booklet.

How does a ‘school of diversity’ look like? A school, in which anybody can be as they are….

„ To me this is a school in which everybody is different than the others, but all are kind to each other. It does not matter how you are, with a smile on your face you can be really very nice” (girl, 10, Germany)

„We are all equal and at same time different“ (girl, 10, Germany)

How does a school without bullying look like?

„We are one school and we stick together” (boy, 10, Germany)

„All children play together and nobody is shut out” (boy, 10, Germany)

„We all help each other“ (boy, 11, Germany)