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yMIND event in Athens

yMIND’s “Diversity in School” seminar hosted by Action Synergy was held on Saturday 6th of October at Impact Hub Athens with the attendance of 85 people mainly from the educational sector. yMIND is a participatory innovative project that promotes better social inclusion of newly-arrived migrant and Roma children and youth through comprehensive diversity education in school and community-based settings. The seminar included presentations from project partners and practicioners of the yMIND method.

Welcome & registration

The participants of the seminar arrived in the morning, confirmed their registration and took material related to the seminar before the official start of the event.

yMIND: Welcome & registration

Introduction & project presentation

Afterwards, Kostas Diamantis Balaskas from Action Synergy started the event by presenting yMIND project (targets, methodology, partners). If you want to read in Greek the material that Kostas presented click here.

yMIND: Introduction

Holistic training model for school prevention

After that, it was Mrs. Tzvetina Arsova-Netzelmann’s turn from SPI Forschung to present the good practice “Holistic training model for school prevention”. If you want to read in English the material that Tzvetina presented click here.

yMIND: Tzvetina Arsova-Netzelmann

Good practices

Then, it was time to hear practices from practicioners who used the method in Greece.

Vicky Vafakou

The first one to speak was Mrs. Vicky Vafakou, head of the Center for Counseling and Orientation of Laconia. If you want to read in Greek the material that Mrs. Vafakou presented click here.

yMIND: Vicky Vafakou

Tania Manesi

Following Mrs. Vfakou was Mrs. Tania Manesi from Neue Schule Athen, a Greek/German school in Athens. If you want to read in Greek the material that Mrs. Manesi presented click here.

yMIND: Tania Manesi

Vicky Georganta

After Mrs. Manesi, it was Mrs. Vicky Georganta from the 1st Elementary School of Peania who presented. If you want to read in Greek the material that Mrs. Georganta presented click here.

yMIND: Vicky Georganta

POL method application for refugees in Greece

Afterwards, Mrs. Anna Patsialou & Mrs. Manto Liadopoulou from Network for Children’s Rights did a presentation on the POL method application for refugees in Greece. If you want to read their presentation in Greek click here.

yMIND: Network for Children's Rights

Colin Isham

It was then the evaluator of yMIND, Mr. Colin Isham who presented an evidence-based approach of what works in education. If you want to read in English the material that Colin presented click here.

yMIND: Colin Isham

Other projects

The final presentation came once again from Kostas from Action Synergy, who presented other projects in which Action Synergy is involved that are related to the themes of yMIND.

yMIND: Other projects


During the whole seminar, Mr. Stelios Xintaras was offering translation of the Greek presentations to the partners who were present.

yMIND: Translation

Certificates & closing

Finally, the participants of the seminar filled questionnaires to give us feedback and then received their certificate of participation. All the presenters met with the seminar participants afterwards for informal networking.

yMIND: Certificates & closing

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