The Austrian Women's Shelter Network (AÖF) is the coordination centre of the network of autonomous Women's Shelters, established  in 1988. Its main tasks are to organise meetings and media work, campaigns together with the staff of the shelters, to undertake information sharing and lobbying for work on women's shelters in Austria and for all groups who are working in the field of domestic violence and gender-based violence, gender stereotypes and gender mainstreaming. The AÖF offers and performs trainings for all professionals who are confronted with gender-based violence in their work life, such as police officers, lawyers, social workers, medical staffs, media, teachers, therapists, etc. The national Women's Helpline operates also under the umbrella of the AÖF, based in Vienna. The AÖF was and is leader of several EU- Projects regarding gender-based violence and was partner in EU- Projects tackling gender stereotypes, like “GEAR against IPV ("Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence“ , DAPHNE project  JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1258) and “Heartbeat” ( DAPHNE Project on Prevention of violence in intimate teenage relationships in the framework of education and youth work,  JLS/2007/DAP-1/262 30-CE-0228065-00/73.
AÖF coordinated the Daphne II Project: „Children and Youth against Domestic Violence “and the Progress Programme “Living Free of Violence” (A campaign to combat violence against women and children, JUST/2012/PROG/AG/4718/VAW)

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