SPI Forschung gGmbH


The SPI Forschung gGmbH/SPI Research gGmbH is a non-profit applied social research institute grounded in 1987, based in Berlin. It possesses solid expertise in international and EU-network project management for 20 years (EU-Programmes Public Health, Daphne, Justice, GIZ, GFATM, IOM). The team of social scientists draws on significant experience in social, psychosocial and health research with qualitative, participatory and quantitative methods. The main thematic areas encompass health and social inclusion, education, prevention (HIV/AIDS, STIs, drugs), sexual and mental health. The primary groups addressed are women, youth in school and outside of school settings, migrants and ethnic minorities (incl. Roma), special vulnerable groups such as people using drugs, and sex workers. Major relevant interventions in the field are capacity building and  transfer of good-practice models for participatory research and community-based prevention. SPI draws on expertise in training, consultancy and supervision in public health and education for teachers and educational professionals, social workers, health and social care professionals as well. Fostering participation and empowerment of the beneficiaries’ groups is at the core of all project and approaches implemented by SPI, aiming to enhance civil society’ share in decision-making processes.

At present among the main foci of the SPI are diversity competence, gender roles, stereotypes and the development of gender-informed and sensitive interventions for gender equality (EU-Daphne GEAR project), violence and bullying prevention in school settings (EU-Daphne bullying prevention project) . The team of SPI is responsible for the operational coordination and implementation, the quality assurance and the internal process evaluation of yMIND.

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