Aims and Objectives

The general objective of yMIND is to strengthen capacity of educational professionals, youth and community workers for:
    implementation of diversity education for better social inclusion of disadvantaged young learners through:  

    upscaling of two good- practice models in formal and non-formal education settings in four EU Member States : Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece  

To achieve the yMIND partners will adapt and test two good-practice training models interlinking three core themes into a more holistic education model:

(1) understanding diversity, respecting differences , incl. those related to multi-ethnicity,

(2)  promoting gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV), and

(3) prevention of bullying and discrimination.

The clue to a successful integration of these three overlapping themes into a comprehensive model lies in a cross-cutting approach, we are devoted to: child-centred participatory approach!

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